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Hay Fever
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Title: Hay Fever
Author(s): Noel Coward
Licensing Agent: Samuel French, Inc
Genre: Comedy
Length: Full Length
Male Roles: 4
Female Roles: 5
Extras: 0

Description: The Bliss family is ultra Bohemian. Mother is a retired actress who makes a crisis out of every scene and father is a novelist. The daughter and son are handsome and ill mannered. One weekend all announce they are expecting a guest: mother has invited an athletic youth who is in love with her, Sorel a diplomat, Simon an intense young woman and David a flapper (a type he is studying for a novel). The guests receive an unusual and rude reception. Soon mother is paired off with the diplomat, Sorel with the athlete, Simon with the flapper, and father with his son's young woman. Dramatizing for all it is worth, Judith first fears she must tell her husband about her romance, then realizes her daughter is younger and more attractive to young men so she enacts a scene of noble sacrifice, and, noticing her husband's flirtation, she follows with a poor unhappy wife scene. The family is used to such displays, but the guests are bewildered.

Character Gender Role Size Min Age Max Age Description
Judith Bliss F 45 70 Judith Bliss is a preening but faded stage actress.
David Bliss M 45 70 Judith Bliss's husband and Sorel and Simon's father,
Sorel Bliss F 17 25 Judith and David's daughter. She is nineteen
Simon Bliss M 17 25 Judith and David's son. He is a would-be
Clara F 35 60 The housekeeper. She is formerly Judith's dresser.
Myra Arundel F 35 50 Simon's invited houseguest. A tightly wound
Richard Greatham M 35 50 Sorel's invited houseguest. A proper and
Jackie Coryton F 20 30 David's invited houseguest. A gullible flapper there to
Sandy Tyrell M 20 30 Judith's invited houseguest. A young boxer in love with Judith.

Theatre Name Season or Year More Details!
American Players Theatre 2009 No Details
Artists' Cooperative Theatre 2002 No Details
A Noise Within 2001 No Details
Alton Little Theater 2000 No Details
Theatre Name Season or Year More Details!
Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 1985 No Details
Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 1975 No Details
Ames Community Theater 1957 No Details
Ardmore Little Theatre 1956 No Details
Albany Civic Theatre 1955 No Details

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