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Desperate Hours, The
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Title: Desperate Hours, The
Author(s): Joseph Hayes
Licensing Agent: Samuel French, Inc
Genre: Melodrama
Length: Full Length
Male Roles: 11
Female Roles: 3
Extras: 0

Description: A smash hit on Broadway and winner of the Tony Award for best play, Desperate Hours has been simplified to employ a less complicated set. This is the story of a home invaded by three escaped criminals and of civilized people being driven to violence. The Hilliards are a typical family living on the outskirts of Indianapolis; abruptly, their pleasant home becomes a jungle full of cunning and violence. Mr. Hilliard and 19 year old Cindy are allowed to go to work while Mrs. Hilliard and 10 year old Ralphie remain in the house as hostages. Meanwhile, the police search closes in inexorably, conducted by a deputy sheriff who has his own reasons for wanting to kill. The Hilliards are helpless. A murder occurs almost accidentally. The police move closer.

Character Gender Role Size Min Age Max Age Description
Dan Hilliard M Lead 40 50 Dan is at first a very plain man- some might even say boring: goes to work without fail, loves his family deeply, and would never consider cheating on his wife or stepping on the 'dark side' of life; BUT when he and his family are threatened, he faces the questions and choices in his sould that no normal man should ever have to face.
Eleanor Hilliard F 40 50 The best definition of Eleanor is to say she is a "housewife" of the '50s: no career motivations, not much extracurricular activity beyond the home, but completely devoted to Dan and the children; BUT during the unthinkable crisis of her family, she finds elements within herself and within her husband that she never new existed.
Cindy Hilliard F 15 25 Cindy is perhaps the epitome of the beautiful daughter who is beginning to develop the "budding wings of freedom", BUT when confronted with men that she might never have imagined could intrude upon her life, she is forced to conceal her true feelings--with frequent and dangerous "slips of the tongue."
Raphie Hilliard M 10 14 Ralphie doesn't quite understand the danger of the situation he finds himself in upon arriving innocently home from school one dreaded day; But he knows that he wants his dad to be a hero and "beat up the bad guys"
Glenn Griffin M 18 30 ruthless, deranged, full of anger and violence; also very intelligent and scheming; bery bossy and arrogant when things are in his control, BUT if something should go wrong....
Hank Griffin M 18 25 younger brother of Glenn; has grown up in a very deprived environment and has developed a worship of his big brother, his only salvation; BUT a new perspective on life begins to affect him during this conflict,..
Robush M 30 50 the "beash" of the convict triumvirate; although bigger and stronger and older than the Griffin Bothers, his lack of intelligence make him least initially, But if he losses his temper or things don't go his way...
Sheriff Jesse Bard M 25 50 strong-willed and decisive, with a hidden heart of gold; cares deeply for his family and his citizens; knows the criminal mind--especially Glenn Griffin's--better than most; would not want to resort to violence, BUT if his options become limited...
Deputy Sheriff Tom Winston M 20 40 doesn't yet take life or his job too seriously, BUT when called unpon in times of need, becomes an able assistant to Jesse.
FBI Agent Harry Carson M 20 30 serves mostly as an added mind on this case; becomes Jesse's "sounding board" when dealing with the moral challenges and harsh realities that might become incredibly amplified during this crisis; not afraid of staying in the background, BUT if necessary...
Lt Carl Fredericks M 30 60 cynical member of law enforcement -- seen and done it all; zealous about 'gettin' the bad guys 'no matter what;; in military terms, a definite "hawk"; not in charge in this case, BUT if he gets his way...
Chuck Wright M 20 30 boyfriend of Cindy Hilliard; arrogant "rich kid" with no real sense of responsibility or obligation to anyone, BUT when he senses something is very wrong, he becomes a different person, perhaps a "man" for the first time; should he mind his own business or..
Mr Patterson M 60 80 OLD; wandering, aimless man that does odd jobs in the neighborhood for a meager income; minds his own business usually, But when something doesn't feel right...?
Miss Swift F 25 80 Ralphie's school teacher who stops by to pay a visit when Ralphie misses a day at school; finds the Hilliard home very disconcerting since she shows up at a very bad time and is allowed to leave unharmed, BUT once she's gone...

Theatre Name Season or Year More Details!
Amelia Community Theatre 1986 No Details
Ardmore Little Theatre 1977 No Details
Theatre Name Season or Year More Details!
Alpha Players of Florissant 1961 No Details

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