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American Buffalo
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Title: American Buffalo
Author(s): David Mamet
Licensing Agent: Samuel French, Inc
Genre: Drama
Length: Full Length
Male Roles: 3
Female Roles: 0
Extras: 0

Description: Best American Play, New York Drama Critics' Circle Award 1976-77. In a Chicago junk shop three small time crooks plot to rob a man of his coin collection. Its existence came to light when the collector found a valuable "buffalo nickel" in the shop. The three plotter punks fancy themselves as businessmen pursuing the legitimate concerns of free enterprise. In reality they are Donny, the stupid junk shop owner; Bobby, a spaced out young junkie Donny has befriended and finally "Teacher", violent paranoid braggart. But their plans come to naught and in reality are futile, vulgar verbal exercises. Three excellent roles and character studies. Robert Duvall as "Teacher" returned to Broadway to critical acclaim after a long absence.

Character Gender Role Size Min Age Max Age Description
Teach M 35 45 A self-absorbed petty thief, living day-to-day and with a vicious streak.
Donny M 45 60 Owner of a junk store and mentor to Bobby, but a thief as well.
Bobby M/F 25 35 An on-and-off again junky and not always what s/he seems. Sees Donny as a father figure.

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